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1970s pub culture

Life in a 1970s pub. Who remembers these classics?

Here’s a nostalgic look back to pub culture in the Seventies. Featuring 11 favourite icons of the pub, that some of you may even be old enough to remember.

1970s Cigarette machine

1 Let’s smoke. Smoking was a sociable way of filling awkward silences. You could pick them up ‘in-store’ from a lovely wooden machine like this for 30p.

1970s money

2 Money. Drinks were a lot cheaper back then. But no paying by phone nonsense, just hard cash from the wallet in your back pocket. Sometimes you’d have to break into a crisp £1 note.

1970s phone box

3 Call the wife (invariably it was the wife) to say you’ll be home late. But, you’d usually have to find a local phone box and call from there.

1970s bubble gum machine

4 Ended up with kids. Sometimes these would be outside, to keep the noisy buggers quiet. Bubble gum machines.

1970s Corona Fizzy Pop

5 Fill them with pop. If the kids had to come inside, they’d drink one of these, and return the bottle to the bar for recycling. The days when Corona was something to look forward to…

1970s tomato ketchup

6 Pub Food. There wasn’t the gastro delights we expect today. But if you covered your food in pretend Tomato Ketchup from one of these, you couldn’t tell the difference.

1970s fruit machine

7 Games. If you wanted alone time, you could play on one of these. A basic, but fun fruit machine.

1970s juke box

8 DIY Pub DJ. Or entertain the whole pub (whether they liked it or not) with one of these. Juke box in stereo playing the hits of the day on 7 inch vinyl.

9 Darts. This was taken really seriously, I mean really seriously. 1978 winner Leighton Rees was the one to beat, setting the standard for pub darts teams everywhere.

10 Tasty Snacks. The novelty Salt ‘n’ Shake crisps were a revolution in their day. Made by Smiths back then, not by Golden Wonder.

70s beer mats

11 Beer. And let’s not forget the drinks. Virtually every beer had a lovely matching coaster to fiddle with at the table.

Credits: Pinterest, History of Advertising Trust, Seventies Time Machine, Beer Stained Pulp

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