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Oliver Reed and Carshalton

Hollywood Legend Oliver Reed and the Famous Carshalton Pub Crawl

Find out how London’s famous pub crawl is connected to the world’s most famous beer drinker Oliver Reed. The late Hollywood legend is probably still known as history’s most notorious heavy drinker, but did you know he had connections to Carshalton?

Reed was born in Wimbledon, and growing up he was a porter at St Heliers hospital in Carshalton. He then went on to star in many movies such as Oliver, Gladiator, Castaway, Tommy, Funny Bones and many more. He’s pictured above with Steve McQueen.

Later on in life Reed purchased The Orangery in Carshalton, situated on the corner of The Square and Brookside.

Oliver Reed with his son Mark, renovated the property in 1987 and allegedly took the original ornate frieze above the front porch with them, when they sold the property. *Update Feb 2022* I’ve recently read that the frieze was made of wood and removed and burnt way back in 1920, before it could be saved.

Reed was perhaps drawn to the village by its many watering holes. I’ve read that Oliver Reed was a frequent drinker at the Coach and Horses, the nearest pub. Well, literally just over the road from The Orangery.

Reed also drunk in The Greyhound with actor and local resident Windsor Davis (who lived nearby in Carshalton Beeches). Reed was also spotted in The Woodman in the 80s with Rick Parfitt from Status Quo.

All these pubs feature on the famous Carshalton pub crawl of nine much-loved pubs, which also includes the CAMRA award-winning The Hope community pub.

The Orangery today 

Oliver Reed with son Mark

The Orangery with the ornate frieze above the porch

Reed in person, working on the renovation

Carshalton Pub Crawl poster at the ponds

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My dad worked at his house, Oliver Reed gave him a signed Photo of himself which is hanging on my wall, loved all his films


A great man

Matthew Harding

Oliver Reed also went to Ewell Castle School where my mum, a long standing Carshalton resident, had the chance of making his acquaintance. She also schooled in Ewell having been brought up there…


..well one learns something every day!
Good to know, I’ve lived in Carshalton /Wallington since 87 and didn’t know that?.



Glad you found it interesting.

Last edited 2 years ago by robcastles

I only just found out today! I was born in Carshalton Beeches 1972 and moved out in ( from the same house) in 2007. The actor I did see regularly was the late Windsor Davies sometimes in Carshalton libary


I remember waiting to cross the road in Green Wrythe Lane waiting for a beautiful old Citroen to go by and as it passed I realised that it was Oliver Reed driving. I developed a crush on him when I saw him in a TV programme about Debussy.

Ivan Dunne

My dad was a theatre porter at the same time Oliver worked there. I’ve done ‘the crawl’ a few times, it’s another reason why I like Carshalton so much!

Darren Palmer

So have I mate a few years ago now tho 🤣

Alan Wright

Rode him a winner over fences on a horse called Leigh Hill flyer For trainer Philip Mitchell

Joan Burkmar

Thankyou for sharing – it’s good to know about past residents – I moved to Carshalton in 1978 when I got married.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post.


Well ollie must have kept a low profile as I was in Carshalton library so many times , and I never ever saw Ollie!


You would’ve had better luck in the pub than the library!!


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Reed when I first arrived in this country. I worked in a pub restaurant called “The Red Lion” in Ockley (now “The Inn on the Green). Oliver then lived in a lovely house in Oakwood Hill where I had the honour of going to many parties he would organise… A year later, I was part of his son’s Mark’s crowd who used to drink at The Plough in Coldharbour. One day, two yuppies came to lunch in the restaurant. Oliver was eating by himself and he asked me to give the ladies another bottle of wine (they had obviously recognised him by then). One of those young ladies eventually married him. So I can happily say that I did some matchmaking that day! That’s my claim to fame. I’ve lived in Carshalton since 2013 and my partner is the one who told me about Oliver Reed being a local. I suppose notoriety follows me. Or is it the other way round?

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