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Rose & Crown and the Boorne Brewery Tap

Rose and Crown Wallington history

The Greene King Rose and Crown pub has had a recent facelift and looks very smart.

I’ve collected together some interesting trivia about the historic Wallington pub. Craft beers are very popular at the moment, and this was one of the original brewery taps where you could sample locally brewed beer at source…

Rose and Crown Wallington

The early Allsopps brewery
The Rose and Crown has been altered and extended over the years . The photo below, with the Allsopps Pale Ale London sign, is clearly the earliest, and it’s known that by 1911 Samuel Allsopp and Sons (based in Burton upon Trent) had fallen on hard times.

Rose and Crown Wallington Allsopps
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Carshalton’s Long Forgotten Pub – The Old Swan Ale House

The Old Swan Ale House Carshalton

I’m a bit obsessed with history. In my opinion this is one of the most fascinating historical buildings in the heart of old Carshalton village, because it’s a pub that no-one (well, hardly anyone) seems to know about, and it’s barely mentioned in the history books. It’s often confused with The Swan Inn that stood further along the road, but this 18th century building pre-dates that entirely.

What amazes me most is that the building in West Street still stands, unlike many, many others of the lost and demolished pub buildings in the area. It’s one of only 4 old pub buildings still standing in and around Carshalton village – of the 11 old pub buildings that are known to have existed. It was only rediscovered in 2011 by accident, with the help of local historian John Phillips.

Infact I’m so fascinated by it I’ve imagined what The Old Swan Ale House may have looked like if it was still operating today.

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New range of Windsor gifts launched during lockdown

Windsor Landmarks A2 Prints

Introducing our new Windsor Landmarks Greetings Cards, Postcards, and Black & White Prints, the latest products in our stylish Silhouette Range. We were aiming to stock these at Huttons gift shop in Windsor and have also been in talks with the merchandising team at Windsor Castle itself. Without knowing how long the current situation will last, and with a need to carry on, we’ve decided to launch them in the meantime. 

Additionally, we are now offering a new service where you can write your greeting card remotely, and we’ll insert the message for you. Read more here…

Personalised Windsor Greeting Cards own message and note
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Lazystuff Coronavirus Information

Range of Lazystuff gifts all together

Updated Monday 22 June 2020

Service Normal

Everything is currently running as normal


Updated Saturday 6 June 2020

Stock levels good

We have limited supply of framed prints and mugs, as these require us to visit local courier firms. We are still able to deliver all unframed prints, greeting cards, postcards and coasters, which are sent via Royal Mail.

Buy British – where we source items

All of our products are designed and manufactured by people living in the UK. This includes packaging, frames, coasters etc. You can help support a range of small businesses by purchasing our products. This helps our economy and hopefully our products will cheer you up. However, tracing the source of some raw materials is quite hard. The coaster wood and ink are believed to originate from the US. Some A2 frames are from Slovakia, others from China. Cards are made in Belfast from English suppliers, who stock from European paper mills. Cello bags are made in England. Poster inks are from and English supplier, and poster coated paper is from Europe.

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