Daniel Defoe Carshalton Print
Daniel Defoe Carshalton Print
Carshalton Daniel Defoe A4 Print
Daniel Defoe Carshalton Watercolour A4 Print Unframed

Daniel Defoe Carshalton Watercolour A4 Print Unframed


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£2.97 UK P&P. In association with Secret Carshalton.

Watercolour style print featuring the 18th Century Greyhound Inn reflected in the ponds. Secret Carshalton’s chosen charity will receive 25% of this sale.

Daniel Defoe visited Carshalton around 1724 and described it as a very ‘agreeable’ place. The area has become very suburban now, although has kept a lot of its historic charm. The centre of Carshalton was once dotted with many grand and palatial country homes.

The stylish print is A4 in size and printed on matt 200gsm paper/card, delivered in a clear protective bag and hardback envelope.

Please note: Due to printing processes there may be some slight colour variation between the printed product and what you see on the screen

PLUS! Your order will include an A5 printed excerpt from the book


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£2.97 UK Delivery P&P. Usually delivered within 10 business days.



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